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The Andy and David Show

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Nov 18, 2019

#35. Lake Elsinore is the fastest growing city in Southern California. The Mayor, Steve Manos calls in to talk about the state of Commiefornia and his future political ambitions. Andy and David both hit the phones and Friend of the Show Reese makes his debut. Don't wanna miss this. Enjoy:)

Nov 12, 2019

Can't Stop The Farting!!! The guys are really losing their minds with these phone calls. Holy crap get ready to laugh. They also talk some news :) Enjoy

Nov 4, 2019

Is My Sheep Pregnant? Both David and Andy have a hell of a time finding a pregnancy test for David's sheep. Jon Hollis, candidate for CA District 28, calls in to talk about his plan to take on House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff in the upcoming election. News, Jokes, Bits. Enjoy :) 

Oct 21, 2019

For #32 the guys decided to put together a "Best of the Worst." Here's a funny selection of clips from the first 31 shows. Enjoy :)

Oct 14, 2019

The Manpon. David looks for a restaurant that'll accommodate his needs. They then talk about the NBA becoming China's bitch, Warren caught lying again, Sanders daughter-in-law dead, Matt Lauer raping a 4, Whistleblowers, Beto, and Biden. Zack can't find a place to bring his new friend. A new episode of "Things Your...